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SONOTON July 2018

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Heidi and Gerhard Narholz


SCDV 776

R&B vocal duets featuring female and male singers covering a wide range of contemporary and retro R&B styles. Includes instrumental versions.

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SAS 138

Authentic songs and grooves from Tahiti, vocal and instrumental, widely popular all over the Polynesian Islands. These songs are called Kapa, once referred to as the 'drunk man's song' because they can pick up any words and make a song of it.

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AD READY! - Home & Garden

AD READY! - Home & Garden
CLC 108

30 and 15 second feelgood tracks for quick and easy to use placements in all advertising media.

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ROCK 188

Massive Punk anthems from Classic and Hardcore to Punk Pop and Skate Punk. Youth lifestyle and extreme behavior.

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SCDV 779

Contemporary Country music with rhythm tracks influenced by R&B and EDM beats featuring electric and acoustic guitars, electric and synth bass, banjo, dobro, and synthesizers. Includes male and female vocals.

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ROCK 189

Head banging, adrenalized and dynamic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ranging from Nu Metal, Southern Power Groove, Thrash and Speed Metal to Death Metal and Grind Core that will make you drive faster and fight harder.

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Album of the Month: "I Am" - STT 46

Pure tension is on!

The new album of our unique "Sonoton Trailer Tracks" series "I Am" (STT 46) is the perfect complement to mysterious, dark and menacing movie scenes and trailers.

Hypnotic, apocalyptic sound design that gets under your skin – now on SONOfind & YouTube!

More New Albums

  SAS 249   PAN ARAB POP   30. Jun 18
  Vocal and instrumental ethno pop in the Middle Eastern regions of Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. While the pop music of these countries is similar, there are slight variations in each.  
  SCDV 770   PASTORAL SCENES   30. Jun 18
  Natural elements. Wide open fields and pastures illustrated by acoustic guitars, oboe, flute and clarinet.  
  SCDV 772   AMERICAN HEARTLAND   27. Jun 18
  Contemporary Country, Country Rock and Heartland vibes straight outta Nashville.  
  SCDV 773   DOWNFALL: FATE AND HOPE   30. Jun 18
  Powerful moody narratives crafted for orchestral underscoring. Strong sectional writing makes this production a perfect tool for any editor. STEMS available upon request.  
  SCDV 774   DAILY GRIND   30. Jun 18
  Moody contemporary pop electronica with electric guitars for daily lifestyle issues in TV, cable and internet programming.  
  SCDV 775   MINIMALIST PIANO & CELLO   30. Jun 18
  A serious, emotional and positive approach to drama in piano & cello duo and solo versions.  
  SCDV 777   MSYTIC & MYSTERIOUS   30. Jun 18
  Mysterious, enigmatic and arcane approach to drama. Small acoustic ensemble making a big impression.  
  SCDV 778   AMERICANA MASHUP   30. Jun 18
  Fun and contemporary blues, country and EDM mashed up with driving beats and catchy hooks.  
  SCDV 780   NORDIC NOIR   30. Jun 18
  Contemporary cinematic sparse moodscapes revealing deconstructed emotions and uneasy solitude. Hypnotizing sound design underlays with electronics and live guitars, processed and raw.  
  SCDV 782   RETRO WAVES   30. Jun 18
  Various Retro Wave grooves reflecting the sounds of the 80s, for lifestyle and video games.  
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