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New releases Edition 02 / 2016  

Dear Sonoton Client,

Laszlo Bencker, top keyboardist and composer, has released the fifth in his terrific JAZZCRAFT series, featuring live horns and Laszlo's usual cool grooves, together with underscore versions. Definitely not to be missed!
Also 3 new ROCKshop albums are aimed at boosting your sports, lifestyle and activity programming.
An unusual album, slanted at corruption and fraud in politics, sport and business, POLITICAL UNDERCURRENTS, is also being released. Enjoy!
Heidi and Gerhard Narholz

CD of the month

JAZZCRAFT 5 - Believe The Hype - SCDV 544

Fusion Jazz, Funk, Bebop and Swing take our popular JAZZCRAFT journey to a new sonic and creative level. Sequel to SCDs 157, 197, 696 & 835. ... more  

Recommended CDs


Aggressive, muscular, almost violent Hard Rock and Metal for Sports and Action applications. ... more  



Heart-pounding electronic Hybrid Hard Rock geared towards fighting, sports and big ass action movie explosions. Boom! ... more  



The darker side of politics: power, corruption and corporate influence. Featuring orchestra and sound design. ... more  

other great cds
  ROCK 137   RAW   19-Jan-16
  Raw, edgy and primitive rock loaded with energy for seekers of savage cool! Great for sports, TV dramas, movie trailers, or anything needing a raw edge.  
  SCDV 550   UNREST   19-Jan-16
  Intense Hybrid Rock from the Ukraine. Ukrainian composer Valeriy Antonyuk explores the current state of affairs, political conflicts, complex emotions and supressed aggressions. Recorded in Kiev, Ukraine.  
  SCDV 552   URBAN COOL - Crime   20-Jan-16
  Contemporary dark hip hop and urban beats depicting crime and sophisticated criminal behavior.  
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