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New releases Edition 09 / 2016  

Dear Sonoton Client,

The SAS Sonoton Authentic Series, featuring original music from over 100 countries, has two great new productions from Ireland, AUTHENTIC IRELAND 1 & 2. Beautiful music from a beautiful land! If you're looking for real up-front Indie tracks, go to our boutique label SURE...go for it!

Best wishes,
Heidi and Gerhard Narholz

CD of the month


Traditional music from Ireland, played by some of today's finest Irish musicians. Recorded in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. ... more  

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Aggressive, muscular and tough athletes, triumphant in rousing rock renditions, covering metal, alternative, indie and hard rock styles. Performed by members of the legendary metal band RUNNING WILD. ... more  



Voiceover friendly collection of authentic Dub vibes by an old skool master. ... more  



Indie Pop Rock and College Rock for urban youth. ... more  

other great cds
  ROCK 157   TAKE IT TO THE XXX   31. Aug 16
  Modern Rock and Nu Metal meet Electronica.  
  SAS 128   AUTHENTIC IRELAND I   30. Aug 16
  Traditional music from Ireland, played by some of today's finest Irish musicians. Recorded in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  
  SCDV 607   GROOVE GUITAR EURO POP   08. Aug 16
  Happy, melodic, simple synth pop with a retro and Euro vibe, featuring guitars.  
  SCDV 615   FRENCH DJ REMIXES   29. Aug 16
  Dramatic, cinematic, quirky and passionate French Electro Remixes of tracks from SCDV 515 ACOUSTIC MINIMALISM.  
  SCDV 606   ACOUSTIC MUSE   29. Aug 16
  A collection of music for acoustic and classical guitars in a range of styles including Americana, Folk, Crossover, Acoustic Alternative Rock and Blues. Composed and performed by Grammy Award-winning guitarist & composer Charles Michael Brotman.  
  SCDV 608   URBAN DRAMA REMIXES 3   29. Aug 16
  Orchestral action and drama compositions remixed with a current modern edge. Companion to SCDVs 425 & 521 URBAN DRAMA REMIXES 1 & 2.  
  SCDV 609   THRILLER - Action and Psycho   29. Aug 16
  Dramatic, instrumental music crafted for underscoring action and dark tension.  
  SCDV 610   CRIME SCENE - All You Need   29. Aug 16
  A comprehensive collection of drama, suspense and action scores.  
  SCDV 613   POSITIVE ACOUSTICS   31. Aug 16
  Contemporary positive acoustic melodies and beds, featuring acoustic guitars.  
  SCDV 614   PURE ANALOG   31. Aug 16
  An eclectic collection of House beds based on using purely analog sound sources. Dynamic soundscapes influenced by forward thinking and contemporary electronic artists.  
  STT 29   ACTION DRAMA REMIX   05. Aug 16
  Contemporary dubstep and hip hop remixes of orchestral action and drama in a variety of moods and atmospheres. Includes STEMS.  
  SURE 115   HOT RODS AND COLD BEER - The Flatheads   29. Aug 16
  Adrenalin infused high octane mash-ups of Rockabilly, Metal and Electronica.  
  SURE 116   FEMALE POP / ADULT / R&B   29. Aug 16
  A collection of Female Pop, Girl Pop, Female Adult Contemporary, Female Dance, Ballads, and R&B songs.  
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