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New releases Edition 11 / 2016  

Dear Sonoton Client,

Our album of the month “Animated Adventures“ is packed with exciting, inspiring  and energetic trailer music, magical to listen to and perfect for your family entertainment production. Get adventurous and enjoy!

Also check out the great variety of Underscores, Drones, Trailers, Rock and Indy albums  from our labels Sonoton Vanguard, Sonoton Trailer Tracks, ROCKshop and Surefire. Have fun and listen!

Best wishes,
Heidi and Gerhard Narholz

CD of the month


A playful world full of excitement, thrills, magic, mischief and curious energy. Music for family entertainment packed with adventure and fun. Performed by full live symphony orchestra. ... more  

Recommended CDs


Latest edition of pumping, driving and motivating Techno, straight from the Techno capitals of Berlin, Detroit and New York. ... more  



Uplifting and epic modern pop rock for sports and active lifestyles. ... more  



Neo-classical live recordings featuring woodwinds, trombone, piano, celeste, double bass and string quartet, perfect for zoo life, wildlife and nature documentaries. ... more  



Uplifting modern songs, vocal and instrumental, in alt pop, indie pop, dark pop, feel good and cinematic styles, with nostalgic feelings. ... more  


APHRODISIAC - Shotgun Soul - SURE 120

Rock & Soul straight out of the Motor City! A vintage fusion of vocal and instrumental rock, soul, jazz, funk and pop with vibrant electrifying vocals and full horn section. ... more  


UNDERNEATH - Cinematic Drama - STT 32

Intensely gripping, poignant and dramatic soundtracks telling stories of betrayal, hidden passions, drama and mystery. Scored for live string orchestra with contemporary electronics, drums and percussion. ... more  

other great cds
  SCDV 619   CHEMICAL ELECTRO II   10-Oct-16
  Modern club EDM with chemical beats and dramatic elements. Suggested for urban youth, action and sports.  
  SCDV 620   EUPHORIC POP/ROCK II   04-Oct-16
  Positive modern feel good indie pop rock with anthemic themes and rousing grooves. Alternative, powerful, evocative and emotional.  
  SCDV 621   SIMPLY GUITARS   15-Oct-16
  Light, reflective, emotional, scenic and neutral guitar beds.  
  The latest drones and static dramatic sound beds in a variety of moods, from sad devastation to dark, desolate and ominous drama.  
  SCDV 623   THE FUTURE TODAY   28-Oct-16
  Ultra modern electro grooves and ambient soundscapes.  
  SCDV 624   NIGHT SKY   28-Oct-16
  Contemplative ambient soundscapes.  
  SCDV 625   FUTURE LOUNGE   28-Oct-16
  Warm and relaxing contemporary lounge tracks with dance, pop and rock elements, with and without vocal textures.  
  SCDV 628   CRIME SCENE - Forensic Science   28-Oct-16
  Intriguing, dramatic, mysterious and subdued underscore music to support and accentuate dramatic tension.  
  SCDV 630   LIVE STRINGS   28-Oct-16
  An eclectic collection of neo-classical string scores ranging from sophisticated minimalism to cultivated drama.  
  SCDV 631   SIMPLY MINIMAL   28-Oct-16
  Simple and repetitive, yet unusual, interesting and quirky themes and patterns in minimalist and post-minimalist formats. Live ensemble. Ideal for underscoring, mood-setting and voiceovers.  
  STT 31   HUMONGOUS   28-Oct-16
  Brutal, relentless, glitchy and mercilessly epic with tribal raw instincts. This hard-hitting collection of massive hybrid action trailers - driven by sound design, orchestra and pounding percussion - will leave you breathless.  
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