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SONOTON April 2020

Dear Sonoton Client,

These times are difficult and challenging, so let’s get a little nostalgic. That's why we’re focusing on "Vintage Pearls" this month. These remastered albums are from the 70s/80s eras and bring a nice archival retro vibe to various production types.

Our album of the month is a special compilation with two well-known DJs from Germany. They dug through the Sonoton vinyl archive and found some great remixing material. Listen to the creative result in "DIGGIN' SONOTON Dexter & DJ Friction Vol. 1”!

We're sending a lot of strength, endurance and musical inspiration to your (home) office. Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Heidi and Gerhard Narholz

Vintage Pearls: ORCHESTRAL POP Helmuth Brandenburg

Vintage Pearls: ORCHESTRAL POP Helmuth Brandenburg
ISCD 227

Happy vintage orchestral pop of the 70s/80s, including authentic Moog sounds. Authentic vintage recordings, newly remastered.

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Vintage Pearls: HAPPY TRUMPETS

Vintage Pearls: HAPPY TRUMPETS
ISCD 228

Happy instrumental pop from the 70s featuring trumpets. Authentic vintage recordings, newly remastered.

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SAS 254

Authentic Modern Arabic Dance from the Gulf to the Mediterranean Shores, with electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

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AD READY! - Pop, Club & Dance

AD READY! - Pop, Club & Dance
CLC 119

Contemporary 30 and 15 second tracks for quick and easy-to-use placements in all advertising media.

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STT 58

Bold and visionary tracks, some based on well-known melodies. Warped and reinvented with unexpected twists and turns. Evocative vocals, emotive subtle solo instruments and massive sound design. Sure to get under your skin! Includes STEMS.

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URB 109

Big bass booming 808's. From the radio to clubs and everything in between. Full vocal songs plus instrumental versions. Recorded and mixed in USA.

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Tip of the month: Create projects

In projects, you can create, edit and manage your own music archive for different productions and topics within your SONOfind account – anytime and anywhere.

To create a new project, click on "New Project" in the gray tab below the search field. Enter a name and start your music search. Then add your favorite tracks to the new project with a click on the "P" at the end of each track bar.

To put a track into a different project from the active one, just use Drag & Drop. Click on the desired track and drag it to the left. Your complete project list opens there and you can save the track into any project.

You can also designate an author and create a description within a project. If you've completed your production and your project is no longer active, it will still be available in your account for later use.

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More New Releases

  ROCK 217   HEAVY HITTERS   04-Mar-20
  Energetic hard rock with loud guitars, big drums and tons of attitude!  
  ROCK 218   DIRTY GARAGE BLUES   30-Mar-20
  Rough, dirty and swaggering Garage Blues and Garage Rock with killer riffs and stomping drums.  
  SCDV 918   JUST FOR FUN   04-Mar-20
  Playful and charming comedy moods, quirky, curious and kooky.  
  SCDV 919   ACTION AND TENSION - Drama and Suspense   06-Mar-20
  Dramatic action, tension and human interest aspects in documentary, game and crime scenes.  
  SCDV 920   CLASSICAL PIANO SNIPPETS Vol. 3   20-Mar-20
  Solo piano versions of well-known classical works performed in commercial lengths.  
  SCDV 921   EDITOR'S GROOVE BOX 1   23-Mar-20
  All grooves. Contemporary and quirky Rhythm Beds in a vast variety of styles and tempos.  
  Quirky, humorous and relaxed acoustic pop with whistled melodies, including instrumental versions without whistling. Lighthearted, happy and easygoing throwback with a 60s and 70s vibe.  
  SCDV 924   EROTIC FANTASIES   31-Mar-20
  Sexy, seductive and stimulating modern electronica for erotic and sensual illustrations. A luscious sequel to SCD 703.  
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